What is your name?

How old are you?
I am 26 years of age as of 4/21/2009

Where do you live?
I live with family in Staten Island, borough of New York City.

What do you do during your spare time?
All kinds of stuff! I goto shows, mess with technical gadgets, play guitar, read (science fiction mostly), listen to music... etc.

What type of music do you listen too?
Well, I listen to alot of stuff, too much to list here. Just stay tuned for upcoming journal entries.

Gosh, you're a handsome young man, do you have a lady-friend at the moment?
So many ladies, so little time... *sigh*

Do you drink and or smoke?
Beer is good.

How can I contact you outside SK?
contact info:
AIM: CountMech
Mail: gmaglio@gmail.com

What else do you have to say for yourself?
Not much, stay tuned for my exciting posts or updates to this faq.

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Chair broke
2012-09-25 06:08:09 ET

Need new desk chair. Any ideas? Staples perhaps?

Garmin nuvi
2010-04-17 08:14:47 ET

So, I ended up spending $480 for a Garmin nuvi 1690. Pretty nifty but it freezes up every so often when I try to do a voice activated call.

Buying a GPS
2010-04-15 13:32:35 ET

I need one by Saturday. Any ideas?

A Full-Time Job, how novel is that?
2010-04-07 04:18:19 ET

It's sad that I have to goto to work tomorrow when I already worked today. Like, I actually have to goto work everyday, not just once in my entire fucking lifetime. People still ask me in the middle of the week: "r u working tonight?" DUH! It's called a Full-Time Job you fucking moron!

Seriously! WTF?! Fucking bums! The best was when someone insisted that I goto to the AutoShow during the week. I leave work at 8am and the AutoShow starts at 11am. If I go through with that, I'd be home by 5 in the afternoon just so that I could get my $15 worth (price of admission.)

Dumbass! I need sleep so I can do it ALLL over again the next night. Work is what pays my bills and keeps me out of the looney-bin where I would likely stew in a pool of my own ejaculate.

Hey m8s!
2010-04-01 03:38:06 ET

due to popular demand, I'm making an update.

I wanna get my new photos off of the blackberry. Blackberry Desktop Manager is a piece of shit.
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