Chair broke
2012-09-25 06:08:09 ET

Need new desk chair. Any ideas? Staples perhaps?

2012-09-25 06:26:28 ET


2012-09-25 08:10:33 ET

Don't hesitate to spend good money on a chair. I bought one for $130 and the piece of metal connecting the chair arm to the seat snapped in less then a year.

2012-09-25 10:05:16 ET

Resale shops!

2012-09-25 17:23:15 ET

$130? I'll just be happy to have one for half of that. Do I really have to spend Armani prices on a chair? The Resale Shop probably isn't a bad idea.

2018-09-21 17:41:46 ET

Yeah, I've got staples. Ya want some staples? You want shine?!

2018-09-21 17:42:00 ET

No! White sneakers!

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