A Full-Time Job, how novel is that?
2010-04-07 04:18:19 ET

It's sad that I have to goto to work tomorrow when I already worked today. Like, I actually have to goto work everyday, not just once in my entire fucking lifetime. People still ask me in the middle of the week: "r u working tonight?" DUH! It's called a Full-Time Job you fucking moron!

Seriously! WTF?! Fucking bums! The best was when someone insisted that I goto to the AutoShow during the week. I leave work at 8am and the AutoShow starts at 11am. If I go through with that, I'd be home by 5 in the afternoon just so that I could get my $15 worth (price of admission.)

Dumbass! I need sleep so I can do it ALLL over again the next night. Work is what pays my bills and keeps me out of the looney-bin where I would likely stew in a pool of my own ejaculate.

2010-04-07 04:21:27 ET

I can't tell if you love or hate working full time.
But I have a feeling that I agree. I AGREE.

2010-04-07 05:00:12 ET

It's a Love/Hate thing. It is what it is!!!

2010-04-07 05:02:33 ET

I knew I agreed.

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