Garmin nuvi
2010-04-17 08:14:47 ET

So, I ended up spending $480 for a Garmin nuvi 1690. Pretty nifty but it freezes up every so often when I try to do a voice activated call.

2012-04-03 02:26:25 ET

Where you be, yo?

2012-04-08 17:02:35 ET

Facebook! I still read-up on people on SK but I haven't posted in awhile. I see you're headed to the UK soon. You'll have a good time there. I was there back in '08: Manchester->Wales->London and back again. Good times! When do you fly off?

2012-04-08 18:27:49 ET

Haha! :D I never see you on, and I realized you were down at the bottom of my friends list.

I am headed over soon! I fly out on June 6th and come back the 18th. Flying into Manchester, since it's closer to the music fest I'm going to. Then flying back from London. Going to a motorcycle race that trip as well. It's going to be fun!

2012-04-10 05:55:01 ET

Wait, musicfest? Are you going to the Download festival?

2012-04-10 13:19:10 ET

Indeed I am :D haha

2012-04-11 05:11:27 ET

I kinda planned a vacation around for this year. Still don't know if I'm going yet :-(

Are you going with anybody?

2012-04-11 06:06:42 ET

Sort of. I know someone who is flying up from Guernsey island, and I joined the Download forums since they have this thing called Camp Loner where the people who are going alone can join up and be alone together, if that makes sense, lol. It's nice because I've gotten to know a few people so I won't be totally by myself, hopefully! :D

2012-04-11 13:04:38 ET

Oh wow! Camp Loner. That would have been the deal maker if I knew about that. I should have done my research early. How much are you spending on admission?

2012-04-11 13:48:47 ET

The tickets are quite pricy, but it's 200 for 5 days of camping. Which works out to be roughly $320. It's expensive, but for the trip I'm taking, it was worth it.

2013-03-14 03:15:08 ET

Are you going this year?

2013-03-14 04:17:46 ET

Saw your PM too :P I wish! But I just have so many other things going on, I couldn't swing it. I really, really wanted to.

2013-03-14 19:10:26 ET

It would have been nice for us to meet there! I'll purchase the weekend camp tickets by this weekend. I'm really looking forward to another British vacation. =)

2013-03-15 04:06:47 ET

Awwww, nice! Congrats. It was way fun! You'll have a great time!

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