Updates, updates, updates...
2006-04-25 17:54:23 ET

Well, I updated my bio on top there. I am now 23 years of age as of 04/21/06 and my current email address is gmaglio@gmail.com

In other news:
-I will be graduating school within the next two months
-I am currently looking for post-grad employment
-visited two companies so far
-SK user Firebird came to visit from Florida last saturday, fun times!
-Combat Shock is a great movie, every one should go out and grab a copy!
-Slaywhore rules!

back to work...

2005-10-17 18:30:21 ET

I adopted a cute lil' viking fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Together, we can both get away.
2005-10-05 17:59:47 ET

She could drag me over the rainbow and send me away.

Getting slightly amped with the rock!
2005-08-13 13:10:35 ET

Yep, that's me, getting slightly amped.

2005-08-10 18:33:41 ET

I'm pretty pissed off right now! For one thing, I believe the music I listen is the best music to listen to at any given time. Also, I need my desktop to work. If that's not possible, I'm accepting donations for any older AMD like systems. I just need to boot the drive I was running off of when my board died. I'm quite sure that the drive is not damaged. I would also like to sit down and enjoy my Dark Tower book. Good night all!

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