Stolen from EVERYONE!
2005-06-30 16:21:28 ET

(X) Had a tooth filling
(X) Had a tooth sealed
(X) Been in love
(X) Crapped your pants
(X) Peed your pants
(X) Ejaculated in your undies
(X) Jerked off in a car
( ) Humped a guy
( ) Humped by a guy
( ) Humped by anyone
(X) Had Hemroids
(X) Had really bad Hemroids
(X) Had the blues
(X) Had a tooth filling
(X) Had a tooth sealed
(X) Recieved a computer virus

Genocide Junkies
2005-06-16 15:25:21 ET

The rush of the chrome, to reign supreme

2005-06-11 10:11:18 ET

I just noticed a brownout.

mixed feelings about Island bars and scenes.
2005-06-04 12:23:05 ET

Staten Island is the waste land in where I spend most of my time sleeping, eating, and working. I had the opportunity to check out an Island bar last night. It was always my intention to check out one of these joints on a weekend night but I really wasn't expecting to last night. I couldn't really enjoy myself since I was driving. Mind you, I have hung out in bars before but I never walked into a bar on Staten Island soil. The women seemed plentiful and the kareoke was blasting. Basically, I spent half of my night dealing with boy/girl drama and I hated it. I think most of these scenes attract that and it disgusts me. On a happy note, I spent the other half of the evening meeting someone special.

Quite satisfied with this result.
2005-05-08 14:43:57 ET

I am 16% Metrosexual.
I need some advice. I need to STOP BUYING MY CLOTHS AT WAL-MART!!!! I will never land a decent woman unless I shave this nasty facial hair, and spend more then $5 on a haircut.

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