Marriage is love
2005-05-05 04:41:41 ET

Just kidding, hah!

Amazon Reviews of Hellride
2005-04-27 06:45:36 ET

"Reviewer: Andy Reddings "Electric Blues" (Minneapolis, MN) -
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This is a redneck album, fueled by Zakk Wylde's racist beliefs.
Anyone who gives this album more than one star is racist.
btw, this is a miserable album.

Highlight: Goes well with Lynard Skynard."

Hilarity ensues...

2005-04-19 14:25:31 ET

I was thinking about them recently after figuring out what they're about. It's pretty ironic how the people that usually wear them ( they're supporting the fight against cancer and all that) are usually just full of it! Most of the people that I encounter wearing them are real assholes that can care less about the well being of another. If people really wanted to support the fight against cancer, why don't they make better use of their cancer free lives than putting a yellow bracelet on their wrist every morning? Amoung the people I see wearing them are amateur porn stars, sluts, faggots, posers, preppies, commies and so on. The people I call friends don't wear them, neither do my parents and neither does my brother and they live pretty strong without the fucking bracelet!

2005-04-13 05:41:57 ET

Zakk on HBB
Jammie: What's the difference between playing in Ozzy's band and Black Label Society?
Zakk: I dunno, what's the difference between me fucking my wife and you fucking your wife?

"...If someone says to you they think you look stupid, don't remove all reasonable doubt by opening your mouth and arguing with them, just punch the fuckers lights out....." - Zakk Wylde

Zakk in guitar one
So, what's the most destructive thing you've ever done?
Zakk:Fuck my wife's in half.

If not the best show ever, it's right up there!
2005-04-08 17:24:23 ET

1) Met Zakk in front of the Pizza Place off of union sqaure before the show. He was cool! The conversation went something like this...

Me> Zakk??? ZAKK?!?!!?
Zakk> ...*drinking beer*...
*Blonde chick taps Zakk on shoulder*
Zakk> Hey, what's up boss?!
Me> It's a pleasure to meet you!
Zakk> I know.
Me> Me and my pal Chris are surragate guitar students of yours
Zakk> You're what?
Me> We're like your guitar students, we read all of your guitar world articles. We practice pentatonic stuff... melodies.
Zakk> Awesome, keep kicking ass! Listen, I'm taking a short walk. I'll see you at the show boss!
Me> I'll be right up front!

He was actually real gracious and friendly. It's not everyday you meet the guy who wrote your favorite song or the guy who wrote "No More Tears" and "Mama, I'm Coming Home."

I'll post more on this later.

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