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 Life update I guess?     2016-10-15 00:30:55 ET
I figured I'd go ahead and make a solid update on how life has been. Now that I've paid a bit more attention to this page as of late.

Job still sucks.

Living situation is meh but doable. I at least have a place to sleep and hangout between going to work and going out of town. (Im seldomly at home unless I have projects to work on or doing laundry or showering)

New lady friend. She pretty tight.

Still djing at the same place in Richmond va.

Cut back on my drinking (somewhat)

I play keys in a band called venal flesh. Another member of this site is also in the band. We are signed to Alfa matrix. If you like older dark electro bands like Asian faction, early tactical Sekt and super early psyclon nine then check us out. Played a lot of shows over the last few years with a lot of great bands like velvet acid Christ, hocico and leaether strip just to name a few and even ended up in a few German magazines. I'll try and update on that more as more stuff happens

I totaled a car. Flipped it going probably about 90 something on the highway and walked away with minor injuries. New vehicle has been acquired since then.

I'm really no good at this update thing so yeah, there's a brief synopses of how life is at the moment. I guess I can't complain.

Ayyy, how's everyone else though?
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     2016-10-12 19:35:08 ET
Been a while. But I'm still alive. Maybe I'll post a serious update on what's going on in my life.

     2013-12-18 11:03:50 ET
I wish there was a radio station that was just william bennett screaming fits of chauvinism and cussing 24/7 with no interuptions. Maybe I'd use it for something other than traffic.
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     2013-12-17 18:56:55 ET
To this day it still surprises me that people actually still give a shit about Voltaire. Seriously?

     2013-12-15 09:40:40 ET
Girlfriend decorated the house for christmas. Funny because theres still halloween decorations up. The house is turning into a holiday clusterfuck.

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