2013-12-17 18:56:55 ET

To this day it still surprises me that people actually still give a shit about Voltaire. Seriously?

2013-12-17 21:08:43 ET

I thought people stopped caring about him in the early '00.

2013-12-18 00:06:25 ET

Dude exactly. They just booked him out here in va and people are psyched about it. I dont understand how people find him entertaining. Plus aftwr how much of an asshole he was the last time he played here. The man threw a fit about the bottled water the club provided for him.

2013-12-18 05:19:06 ET

I guess his fan base gets younger and younger? I parted ways in 2003.

2013-12-18 07:29:58 ET

I guess but the club is 21+ only. I really dont get it. The scene in the area I guess? I remember when rhythmic noise was the big thing around here when I was old enough to go out in 05. And went on to about 2010 maybe? Those were the good old days here when promoters here would would say fuck voltaire and book synapscape. Oh well.

2013-12-18 09:55:38 ET

Oh how I miss those days.

I'd still rather see converter or noisex over all the new shitty industrial.

2013-12-18 10:34:15 ET

Preach it. Last good noise band to come here was asche like 3 years ago. Though baltimore has had some pretty awesome shows over the last year or two when it comws to dark ambient or power electronics. But yeah you cant beat classic rhythmic noise like that. Tje muaic today is such a joke

2013-12-18 10:38:39 ET

Excuse the typos. Im commenting from my phone.

2013-12-18 11:12:30 ET

I didn't think anyone was still touring on the rhythmic/power noise front. I figured they all started making darkwave or ambient crap.

Then again there's one G/I promoter in Portland and he only books the crap that he wants to see. I think the last good show I saw that he booked was Download and even then it was just them on laptops bouncing their heads.

I would love to see Asche preform live, I bet that was sick.

2013-12-18 12:50:50 ET

Yeah download played here a few years ago too. Before asche played we had winterkalte come through a year or two prior which was cool. But asche was a way better show and the venue was surprisingly packed which was weird since theres only a small community of people here that are into that stuff. I dont really think half the people there knew who asche was but basically the whole tiny club was just a big mosh pit and everyone by the end of the show everyone was covered in beer since no one could hold on to a drink long enough to finish it so everyone was either throwing their drinks or pouring it down someone elses throat. Glass everywhere and the promotwr wasnt allowed to book shows at the venue anymore after that. So yeah best night ever.

2013-12-18 13:27:21 ET

I'm not familiar with Voltaire the musician, I thought you meant the author of Candide</> and one of the forefathers of the Enlightenment era and thought your post was a little bizarre. Then I saw Nate's comment and I was like "the fuck? Is this an inside joke?"

Just came to say that, as a person who just exited the car of a 19 year old blasting Drake (& pretending it was a good song because of how into it she was) I'd say I'm not a musichead & carry on, it's nice to see an ole SKer return. Wilcommen

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