2013-12-12 10:02:02 ET
Still alive? Why yes. Yes I am.

Thinking I may want to start using this page again. If anyone still uses this, thoughts? If not I'll just crawl back in the sk hermit hole.

     2009-12-02 21:31:44 ET
ok its been a while. heres whats been going on. heather and i ended our relationship, it sucked but i came to terms with the fact that she was really all and all just an over reactive pre madona, who will never make it on her own due to her immaturity and complete lack of respect for those close to her. i am both better off with out and too good for her and thats a fact. iv seen two different girls since our break up girl no.1 i just kind of stoped talking to, with no real reason mhy i did. girl no.2 was a co worker of mine, shadey stuff came up and i backed off, a friend of mine began dateing her, drama started between him and her ex, they broke up, her now former ex and now boyfriend began harassing him. he tried starting shit with me, once asking me through facebook if i had ever "got yo dik suk or fuck" her. fucker cant spell worth a shit. then by going through her cell to get my number and text me pretending to be her telling me she had a new number. now this is where a mega fuck load of stupidity shows, he adds me on facebook a while back me not knowing who he is at the time i accepted his request, thought it was someone who knew me through people i know further south of me, come to find out he was stalking her profile and adding any guy she became friends with on the site to keep tabs on her. fucking looser. ok so heres where he showed me just how much of a retard he was, i knew the text i got wasnt her, i jumped online and pulled up his facebook info and discovered he had posted his cell number in his info forgetting he was still on my friends list.wtf?! so i have decided to not try and persue anything at the moment and just do me. aside from that, some really shitty news. my mother passed away about a month ago from lung cancer. stuff has been rough but im dealing with it ok. i dont want to go on about it so il just leave it at that. katsucon is comming up its time for me and a few other rivits to invade, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, play industrial music at very high levels of volume, try not to break anything in our hotel room, and party all weekend and suffer the horrible hangovers we willl have on the sunday ending the con. should be fun, like always. hey if anyone on here uses xbox live on here add me. wintersekt. i play modern warfare 2, soul calibur 4, halo odst, and street fighter mostely.

     2009-07-30 00:54:57 ET
problems with my girlfriend had recentely surfaced between my girlfriend and i over the last week and a half or so, so much fighting and so much stress and it sucked. we worked things out and now we are fine. we went and saw nachtmahr last week which was pretty sweet and got a hold of theyre new album which hasnt come out yet and she and i have been playing the hell out of that disc, its really good. i never really noticed it up until now but it seems like no one really uses this piece of shit any more, maybe a move to livejournal is in order. who knows

     2009-06-04 07:38:41 ET
i never update, my last entry was the christmas special. im dating this girl, things have been great. shes absolutly Gorgeous and is into alot of the same shit im into which is cool. iv known her for about a year, she came to va to visit family and she and i met at a party. we hungout a few times after that and started sleeping together. after that we had a huge falling out when she went back and we stopped talking. she gets in contact with me a year later and i find out that her roommate caused the whole thing told her a whole bunch of lies about what i was saying about her. now shes back for good and we are dating, soo crazy.
she has consumed much of my time, i enjoy it, thats what happens when ur in a relationship, i will be making mor time for my friends, and my family as i have not seen any of them in about 3 weeks.

     2008-12-17 17:04:00 ET

the anual viewing of the worst christmas special on earth is tonight!
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