2008-12-05 07:48:07 ET
last night was the winterkalte show. the show was good but the interesting part was the venue. now the club night that hosted the show is usually on the top floor of of this place but there was another event being held up there so the show was moved to the caverns which is like the basement of this place. id heard alot about this place from friends of mine so it was cool to get the chance to check it out for my self. its pretty much underground the place looks like a fucking cave and theres like faces that are faded in and comming out of the walls this place was tiny but what better place to see winterkalte than in a fucking cave. pretty much everyone i knew there was completely hammered as well as alot of the new faces i met. especially todd. now todd is an interesting fellow, he runs a local fetish club in dc guy is like in his late 40's when he gets drunk he can never seem to stop smiling and can never seem to keep his eyes open with the opitomy of drunken glory written all over his big cheezy smile. thats not the funny part what made him that much funnier was his outfit, which looked to be a suit vest with pants and shirt and tie (red tie with like trucks on it)
so groos drunk smile+filthy outfit= fucking funny. he looked like one of those ventriloquist (hope i spelled that right) dummys. moving forward my buddy mark, afew other people and i were talking at the bar mark's brother is in town from france nice enough guy but french guy named like bob or bill or whatever cant remember but anyway he lives in paris. i told mark i had no idea he had family in france and this girl who we were talking with looks at me says "no honey he is not from france, he is from paris". i mean her simple minded ass meant buisness. but she really only got me spitting beer trying not to laugh and completely sent myself, mark and the three other people in the conversation darting in different directions like when you shine a flash light on roaches and they all scatter is pretty much how it went down, running to escape possibly contagious stupidity. but other than that the show rocked, both guys in winterkalte really nice guys, if they are comming to your town dont miss them.

     2008-12-02 13:24:36 ET
this week is pretty much full of fucking win, i cant take it!

thursday: winterkalte show @ exposure

friday: house party with press, amber, gingerchris, and jimmy

saturday: relaxing

sunday: Ohgr show @ the rock&roll hotel

well most of this week anyway :/ got paid today!
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     2008-10-23 14:46:08 ET
god how long has it been? started a new job a few weeks ago and things are going well, halloween is comming up! last year sucked balls but my old manager is throwing a huge house party and with last years let down halloween i will be partying hard as fuck this time around.
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     2008-01-31 18:52:57 ET
why is this, why do i feel so crappy, this is a vent so deal with it. i shouldnt have to but i do i did nothing wrong this just isnt right, i never have anything interesting to post about, iv been pretty lame. i feel like iv had alot going on lately with work and other issues, i really wish i didnt feel this way, im going clubbing tomarrow for the first time in a good while. i hope doing that will bring back my the way i usually act, i need a night out.

     2008-01-09 22:46:22 ET
for the past few days iv been in an extremely good mood and its most def because this girl iv been hangin out with alot lately. shes a real nice girl and i really enjoy spending time with her. shes also the sister of one of my best friends but he is totally cool about us hanging out which is good. but iv also been alittle worried aswell. i dont know why or what im worried about but this must end. everything has been pretty much going my way lately but i still cant shake that part small of me thats worried.im not worried about what road this girl and i could be heading down at all but something has me alittle fucking worried. what the fuck man.

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