2007-05-07 13:05:20 ET
ok so like a walk away from my neighborhood theres this memorial thing with candles all over it. iv been driving by it for the past 3 days on my way to go out with friends and i kept asking myself who it was for. about 5 minutes ago i find out that some yo boy on his motorcycle was going about 80mph and slams into a school bus packed full with elementery school kids! no kids were killed but this guy, no joke explodes when he hits it. like seriousely his body just goes like crash dummy style and just completely gets blown apart. flaming body parts fly like 20 feet all over the main road and into the neighborhood along it.

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     2007-04-28 11:29:19 ET
finally time to update


     2007-03-16 14:07:18 ET
i finally got a non closing shift at work today. so i decided its time to really celebrate my birthday. off tomarrow so im going clubbing with some friends. im at becca's house right now grilling steak before we leave. this is starting out to be a pretty good night.

     2007-03-01 19:36:54 ET
at cam's house playin x box bein a nerd for tonight

     2007-02-02 19:27:29 ET
worked a 10 hour shift today,tiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeddddd

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