2007-12-27 07:04:57 ET
so lastnight i went out to strangeland records with alex and moh to get some cds for my gig in richmond, ryan (the owner) pulled some stuff off the shelf for me basically a 50 cd stack and i categorized what i wanted and what i didnt want, it took forever walked out though with some really good stuff. he also asked us if we could help him out on a few of the shops events. the three of us have been good friends with who run the shop pretty much since they opened which is why we were the first people to know out side of the shop that they will be shutting down in march. i am alittle broken up about it. that shop is great i thought id never have to shop online for music but it looks like i might have to start doing it again in the next few months,this sucks. yes i know people always ask me why i dont just steal my music, this is because unlike some fucktards out there, i actually support the bands i listen to.
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     2007-12-24 08:47:24 ET
once again i neglect to update, so new years eve is just around the corner,if any of u live in the virginia area and have no plans what so ever, come see me, il be djing in richmond at sacrosanct (however u spell it)

     2007-10-06 20:41:08 ET
went to octoberfest down here in va, had a pretty good time i won a nasty southerner prize at some carnival game. pics will (i hope) follow
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 skinny puppy    2007-06-15 14:40:25 ET
its been a while once again since iv updated so hive fest was great i had pics but i think my dad accidentely deleted then i met leech from navicon torture technologies, really cool guy. a few days ago me, becca, ben and beccas friend from richmond saw skinny puppy. it was a pretty good show.......well

ran into this guy after the show and hung out with him for a good half hour, i really didnt expect it but hes actually one of the coolest people iv ever met, musician wise that is.

     2007-05-18 12:11:11 ET
no idea what im doing tonight but i have compiled a list of options

>go to bound and see cyonotic.
>go to some country western bar and watch white trash line dancing
>play mass amounts of xbox 360
>(my insides painfully burn when i say this) see whos at the mall
>relax at home and wait for hive fest tomarrow

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