2006-09-13 18:06:42 ET
bought a korg kaos pad today for 185. i love it

     2006-08-16 06:40:04 ET
oh and i totally forgot to mention this in that last entry
7 more days left till new terrorfakt album

     2006-08-16 06:38:36 ET
ok so i havnt been updating much. one of the reasons i got this thing was to keep up a good journal without totally neglecting it which is exactly what i have been doing. ok well i dished out 500 dollars for my car payment last week and i have been poorer than poor when it comes to money, this was becomming a huge problem for me cuz i have been paying for gas in nickles, dimes, and quarters all week. my buddy alex gave me 20 to drive him to his girl's house so he could get his car keys back that he left in her car and i was trying to divide that money in different directions, food, gas, and alittle fun. it has sucked up until today.......FUCKING PAYDAY!!!

 seafood case    2006-07-26 10:33:10 ET
ok i meant to write about ths like 2 days ago but just kept forgetting to. anyways i was at work and i was hangin out in the warehouse when my coworker came back and told me to put on some latex gloves and come with him out to the seafood cooler. so we get out there and some one has eather taken a shit or put shit in the fucking cooler.by shit i mean ass shit....poop! i immediatly ranted my ass off screaming about it in front of customers. most disgusting thing ever that has happend to me at work. funny stuff. so after finding the turd we try and look on the security camera in out department to see if we could catch whoever did it but it didnt happen the camera only points to the the right side of the case, the shit was on the left. oh well funniest thing ever

     2006-07-14 06:12:13 ET
last night was the last night of alchemy for 2 weeks. they announced the new location at 11:45. they decided to put in the dc tunnel where ever that is,il find out soon. anyways the new club is really nice. from what i can remember its got a vender room, stage on the second floor. and i think 2 different dancefloors that are twice as big as the ones in the clubs current location. i went with kasty and it took us like 15 minutes to find parking so we ended up parking in the grass in front of what looked like an impound lot. we get out and some guy decked out from head to toe in cowboy stuff and a butchers apron tells us that we would get a ticket if we parked there. we were like fucket its midnight no one will touch it. so we get in and the place is packed like shit. i mean i have never seen alchemy that crowded. so we got bores for a while and went up stairs to the lounge to play some metroid. after that we were stopped by jason from mindless faith. i didnt even recognise him at first cuz he was wearing like a military hat like over his eyes. so anyway we hung out with him for a few minutesthen wondered elsewhere. i ran into my friend richard who i hadnt seen in like 4 months which was cool, chilled with him for alittle while. we ended up leaving at around 2:30 and getting back to the car only to find that a cop had ticketed it, haha.<sigh>
as much of a shit hole nation is i will honestly miss it when its torn down for a baseball stadium.fucking hate baseball. pics will follow!

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