2021-02-03 01:01:39 ET

blame jake + the fact that i'm too burnt out to get anymore work done tonight.


Think about your SENIOR year in high school...if you can remember that long ago! The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be!

Class of: 2001

1. Did you know your current love?

2. Did you have a car?
2 door chevy cavalier that was totaled years later when t-boned by some asshole in an SUV in burbank.

3. What was your job?

4. Where did you live?
literally hell.

5. Were you popular?
only on the internet, where it matters.

6. Were you in choir or band?
no but i did work for an underground punk rock venue that was pretty ok for being in hell.

7. Ever get suspended?
i was homeschooled at the time, so....

8. If you could, would you go back?
in the words of the weatherman from negativland parodying U2, "nope, definitely not."

9. Still talk to the person that you went to prom with?
i always thought prom was fuckin dumb. though my girlfriend at the time went to prom with some other guy since i wasn't into it. in retrospect, this was clearly my first instance of beginning to recognize that a. being polyamorous is ok, and b. i'm fun at parties.

10. Did you skip school?
please refer to my answer to #7.

11. Go to all the Football games?
was never into high school football. went to see the college team where i grew up play now and again, though. i DID go to all the college hockey games, since hockey is way more awesome than football.

12. Favorite subject?

13. Do you still have your yearbook?
i will just leave jake's answer here: Umm...I think my mom does?

14. Did you follow your career path?
i didn't really have one per se at the time as i had many interests. however i did start dabbling in designing things (concert posters, logos, websites, etc) for other people in 2001, while at the same time working for a music venue, while at the same time messing about with social media prototyping here and elsewhere so er... i guess it all led somewhere.

15. Do you still have your high school ring?
no. i don't even have my high school buttplug. ):

16. Who were your favorite teachers?
jake's mom.

17. What was your favorite style?
PuNk / gOtH / iNdUsTrIaL / GeNeRaL cOnFuSiOn

18. Favorite shoes?
knee-high boots. hilarious considering the only shoes i've worn since 2013 are vibram fivefingers

19. Favorite food?

20. Favorite band?
at the time it was probably still just primus, weezer, and electric light orchestra. now it's 2021 and weezer just put out an album where they're basically trying to be electric light orchestra, after releasing a cover album where they covered electric light orchestra. and primus is still primus. so that's something.

21. High school hairstyle?
foot-long mohawk that was significantly inconvenient in a multitude of ways when spiked up but i did it anyway.

23. How old when you graduated?

24. Are you now really depressed after filling this out because high school was total shit and a period in your life you'd be happy to erase?
being 38 i'm so far removed from that period of my life that i'm not so sure i have any strong feelings about it in the moment. also i'm sorry this probably wasn't very entertaining or interesting. oh well.


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