2021-12-31 16:38:05 ET

SF's idiot mayor that no one likes has apparently cancelled the NYE fireworks show cause OMGicron. hilariously, the rest of SF's government which mostly opposes her is basically just giving her a pat on the head and saying "sure" while still encouraging people to go out and party anyway, with the SFMTA and caltrain sending out multiple messages the past few days that transit is free city-and-peninsula-wide tonight for anyone wanting to go out and party.


[important sub kultures dot net new year’s eve update]

i walked to the store and got ice cream and then i came back home and stayed in and played lots of simpsons road rage and pooped TWICE.

[additional important sub kultures dot net important blog super update]

i am having a THIRD UNWANTED ACHEY BONUS POOP 😤 however it is, at least, my very FIRST POOP OF 2022 so there is that 🤩


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