2023-04-29 15:59:15 ET

things i’ve learned after the past few years:

a. the internet just plain sucks for “medical” advice.

b. western medicine, despite any advances it has had, is full of up-ones-own-ass idiocy and people who like to feel smart cause they’ve absorbed a bunch of information, while basically having zero functional sense of what is actually helpful in a LOT of cases / scenarios.

c. making friends and connections with folks who are knowledgeable about eastern / functional / homeopathic /naturopathic medicine is very important. despite the fact that the ever-hyper-capitalist, pharmaceutical-driven west (particularly ‘murrica) will continue to perpetuate endless lies and smears about these areas of science cause “BUT MUH PROFITS!!!1”

fortunately for us all, if the past few years have proven anything, it’s that those doing the smearing and the lying are most definitely participants in the aforementioned up-ones-own-ass idiocy.

thank you for coming to my dissertation.

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