2006-07-14 06:12:13 ET

last night was the last night of alchemy for 2 weeks. they announced the new location at 11:45. they decided to put in the dc tunnel where ever that is,il find out soon. anyways the new club is really nice. from what i can remember its got a vender room, stage on the second floor. and i think 2 different dancefloors that are twice as big as the ones in the clubs current location. i went with kasty and it took us like 15 minutes to find parking so we ended up parking in the grass in front of what looked like an impound lot. we get out and some guy decked out from head to toe in cowboy stuff and a butchers apron tells us that we would get a ticket if we parked there. we were like fucket its midnight no one will touch it. so we get in and the place is packed like shit. i mean i have never seen alchemy that crowded. so we got bores for a while and went up stairs to the lounge to play some metroid. after that we were stopped by jason from mindless faith. i didnt even recognise him at first cuz he was wearing like a military hat like over his eyes. so anyway we hung out with him for a few minutesthen wondered elsewhere. i ran into my friend richard who i hadnt seen in like 4 months which was cool, chilled with him for alittle while. we ended up leaving at around 2:30 and getting back to the car only to find that a cop had ticketed it, haha.<sigh>
as much of a shit hole nation is i will honestly miss it when its torn down for a baseball stadium.fucking hate baseball. pics will follow!

2006-07-14 06:16:12 ET

Where are you from?

2006-07-14 21:14:30 ET

virginia and its gross

2006-07-14 21:14:43 ET

virginia and its gross

2006-07-14 21:16:22 ET

wtf?! i posted the same reply twice when i only clicked reply once..o well

2006-07-17 14:14:25 ET

where in va are you from?
i'm from norfolk.

actually nation is getting torn down and replaced by a ten story office building from what i've researched and been told. the baseball park is going to be across the street. i agree i am going to miss it too. saw alot of great shows there.

2006-07-17 18:55:00 ET

i live in woodbridge. ten story office building eh? o well still a shame to see it go.

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