seafood case
2006-07-26 10:33:10 ET

ok i meant to write about ths like 2 days ago but just kept forgetting to. anyways i was at work and i was hangin out in the warehouse when my coworker came back and told me to put on some latex gloves and come with him out to the seafood cooler. so we get out there and some one has eather taken a shit or put shit in the fucking shit i mean ass shit....poop! i immediatly ranted my ass off screaming about it in front of customers. most disgusting thing ever that has happend to me at work. funny stuff. so after finding the turd we try and look on the security camera in out department to see if we could catch whoever did it but it didnt happen the camera only points to the the right side of the case, the shit was on the left. oh well funniest thing ever

2006-07-26 10:37:42 ET

That is really fucking hilarious, mostly because I can just think of someone taking a shit in a cooler, just for entertainment purposes.
But it's also pretty gross.
One time I walked into a QuickTrip (the popular gas station/convenience store around here), and someone had shit all over the floor. Not the floor in the bathroom, but the floor in the store, near the entrance!
Evidently some guy ran in the store, shat himself (I guess it ran down his leg... ewwwww), and apologized a whole bunch and left. It was pretty naaasty.

2006-07-26 11:17:42 ET

i think you have the story of the week there... LMAO

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