2009-07-30 00:54:57 ET

problems with my girlfriend had recentely surfaced between my girlfriend and i over the last week and a half or so, so much fighting and so much stress and it sucked. we worked things out and now we are fine. we went and saw nachtmahr last week which was pretty sweet and got a hold of theyre new album which hasnt come out yet and she and i have been playing the hell out of that disc, its really good. i never really noticed it up until now but it seems like no one really uses this piece of shit any more, maybe a move to livejournal is in order. who knows

2009-11-27 06:09:26 ET

It's not dead, just sleeping...

2009-12-02 20:56:31 ET

eh who knows, im starting to use it again so i guess its always there.

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