2009-12-01 18:36:06 ET


how is kevin spacey on here? he is so classically handsome, talented, funny, and mysterious. whoever wrote this bs list can lick my taint.

2009-11-19 14:43:55 ET

my grandma: cortney you aren't doing anything on the internet that you shouldn't be, are you?
me: what do you mean?
grandma: i don't know, i'm not computer savvy. like chatrooms or porns or anything.

2009-11-15 16:30:37 ET

james spader is so insanely attractive. i'm not sure what it is but i can't get enough of him.

also, has anyone actually used that kgb 542 542 cell crap thing yet? it seems so pointless. who is going to waste 99 cents + fees to find out what year bump n' grind was released? then again jeff dunham has his own show so i suppose anything is possible.
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2009-11-08 15:39:17 ET

weee, school is great!! so far i've done 2 haircuts, a hi-lite, and a shampoo on a lady who talked to me about porn and nipple piercings as i scrubbed her scalp. i got through my first week without fucking anyone up. yesss!

2009-11-03 05:31:12 ET

first day on the floor at beauty school today. i hope i don't lob someone's ear off.
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