2009-12-16 17:08:59 ET

3 awesome things about today:

1. started my day putting on my makeup watching saved by the bell as usual...except today's episode featured misfits and motorhead posters. rock!

2. free buffet lunch and got some retail therapy in. yay craft supplies!

3. currently listening to tim & eric karaoke.

2009-12-01 18:36:06 ET


how is kevin spacey on here? he is so classically handsome, talented, funny, and mysterious. whoever wrote this bs list can lick my taint.

2009-11-19 14:43:55 ET

my grandma: cortney you aren't doing anything on the internet that you shouldn't be, are you?
me: what do you mean?
grandma: i don't know, i'm not computer savvy. like chatrooms or porns or anything.

2009-11-15 16:30:37 ET

james spader is so insanely attractive. i'm not sure what it is but i can't get enough of him.

also, has anyone actually used that kgb 542 542 cell crap thing yet? it seems so pointless. who is going to waste 99 cents + fees to find out what year bump n' grind was released? then again jeff dunham has his own show so i suppose anything is possible.
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2009-11-08 15:39:17 ET

weee, school is great!! so far i've done 2 haircuts, a hi-lite, and a shampoo on a lady who talked to me about porn and nipple piercings as i scrubbed her scalp. i got through my first week without fucking anyone up. yesss!

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