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Name: Skav
Nicknames:"Hey you!",Savage.
Birthplace:Hollywood, Florida.
Current residence:Carroll, Iowa.
Places lived:Riverside & San Bernardino,California(*20years).Nottingham,England(*Off and on as a kid.)
D.O.B: 02/08/1973
Height: 5ft 10inches
Eye Colour:Grey
Current hair colour:Shaved and stubbly,.
Occupation:Assembly line slave labour(Pella) & Wallmart assembler flunky.
Tats:49. And all over............
Fav piece of clothing:Steel-toed Docs and braces.
Piercings:Took them all out! Or they got ripped out!
Fav colour: Plaid and more plaid!!!
Fav Music:I have lots. But for me.Music depends on mood and situation.


Status: Single and getting my ducks back in a row!!!

 Patterns....    2010-04-13 00:00:06 ET
Faire patterns came in today. Got my new sewing machine. And about 600 or so yards of material on hand for projects :)
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 Spring or so it seems........    2010-03-27 23:11:58 ET
Working a 4pm till 1am shift at work has it advantages. No managment to chomp on your balls, or micromanage you to death. Disadvantages. I loose track of time and what actual day it is. Forgot that yesterday was Saterday. And today is Sunday...My day off!

Had an ex co worker come into my dump the other nite. Apparently my ex keeps calling his house too speak with his wife(they use to be co workers). And all the calls have disrupted the flow of peacefulness in his house. My solution? Ignore the twat! Cut all ties. To my shagrin, I had to hear about the stupidity, that she's gotten into. Listen to it, like I need a friggin hole in my head!

Not even a full year after I was abandoned. Abandoned physically, mentally, sexually, and pretty much any other way you can abandon a human being. I get the lastest scoop. Four cocks later the ex hooks up with some Rico Suave douche nozzle.Im pretty sure she was in attention whore mode, the "Me, me, me. All about me!" phase of the relationship. This guy she's dating flat out dies! Then I wonder if she bored him into a comotose state? Or he passed away just to be free of her grasp?(*Note to self:Dating someone who plans sex out, has some serious issues!). Right now she's in the process of changing her last name to his. Supposibly she calls it,"In honour of his memory!". I call it a gold digger!!! The said deceased boyfriend knew he was about to croak. So he donated some frozen custard(sperm), to a local sperm bank. She's going to court to try and obtain the rights to get impregnated with the frozen popsicle!!!WTF!!!! Now here's the best part. They were only dating for less then 3 months!! Another...WTF????? So me dating 3 years and being friends 14 years prior to dating pretty much means/ meant nothing?! No wonder I have trust issues at times. And why I find it even harder too trust too many people! Or people at all for that matter!

 3 days off......    2010-01-14 23:04:07 ET
Got three days off. Wish I had money to do something(payday is thursday). Guess I'll sort thu my stuff, and continue on with the donations pile/ keep pile/ and not sure pile!

 3 days off......    2010-01-14 23:03:39 ET
Got three days off. Wish I had money to do something(payday is thursday). Guess I'll sort thu my stuff, and continue on with the donations pile/ keep pile/ and not sure pile!

     2010-01-12 23:15:59 ET
Today was pretty much like any other day for myself. Mundane and repetitious. At times I think fellow co-workers think their current state of so called happiness. Is about as good as it's going to get?

Been having these gut feelings, that when the weather finally does get better. It won't be long till I sell my house and move on. I need to be around similar people I can relate too. Not farmers, good ole boys and rednecks!!!

Once I move. I'm going too start sewing costumes and designing stuff again!!! There was a time, when I could go into a club. Walk up to someone and comment on how nice their attire was. Turn around. Find a napkin, and sketch a breakdown of their outfit. Go home. Make one. And add lots of cool extras too it. Think I'm gonna start that habit again!
Currently sketching up some designs for taser gloves...Me and my imagination:P
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