2010-01-12 23:15:59 ET

Today was pretty much like any other day for myself. Mundane and repetitious. At times I think fellow co-workers think their current state of so called happiness. Is about as good as it's going to get?

Been having these gut feelings, that when the weather finally does get better. It won't be long till I sell my house and move on. I need to be around similar people I can relate too. Not farmers, good ole boys and rednecks!!!

Once I move. I'm going too start sewing costumes and designing stuff again!!! There was a time, when I could go into a club. Walk up to someone and comment on how nice their attire was. Turn around. Find a napkin, and sketch a breakdown of their outfit. Go home. Make one. And add lots of cool extras too it. Think I'm gonna start that habit again!
Currently sketching up some designs for taser gloves...Me and my imagination:P

2010-01-13 14:29:32 ET

It's a plan right? And it doesn't sound like a bad one.
I have always been one to encourage others to do what makes them happy, so if sketching and designing makes you happy then by all means do not let anything stop you from fulfilling your dream.

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