Todays events.....    2009-04-07 20:15:17 ET
Awoke today with neck and throat pain. So I'm guessing I have another sinus infection!

Decided to be nice and get Easter cards for my family and the lady. Found this heart/gut wrenching card for my lady. A second chance at a relationship type card. Spent the latter part of the day composing what to write in this trifoldesque card. Poured my fucking heart and soul into this puppy. Just about lost it a few times writing it!

So she got home at 5:30ish, made garbage burritos. Ate. Then told her I need to talk to her. Instead of handing the card to her. I read aloud what the card stated, and the 2 plus pages I wrote inside. Don't know if anyone has done this. But when your reading your inner thoughts aloud to someone you love, you can't help but get choked up! I did a few times. Trying to treat this whole situation as an adult! She sat there in astonishment, semi teary eyed. And said she still didn't know what she wants. Not sure if shes staying in Iowa or moving back to Cali to live with her parents. And she considers me a great friend and a good roomie. And that's it for now!!! WTF!!!!!!! Am I to assume I am at single status again? Till she changes her whim? Once again... WTF?????

 Possible job....    2009-04-03 17:47:57 ET
I answered a job in the local paper for a maintence position, for a company that processes meat. Upon opening the application. It has a leaflet asking you which kind of knives you know how to use! Though I hate the thought of all the slaughter that goes into, our delicious meals. But thought of all the anger management potential weilding serated knives and meat cleavers.

I'm applying....

     2009-04-02 15:00:59 ET
Usually have Tues and Wed off. But they botched the schedule. So I had Tue and Thurs off. Feels like I'm playing hookie from work! Thank fucking god it was payday today! Was nic fitting.

Cigarettes here went up to about 6 for generic and almost 8 for Marlboros and Camels. It's nice that gas is going up again. A litre of Coke last week was a $1.25, Now it's $1.49. It's nice that prices are going back to normal. Yet wages still remain stagnent!!! And in this state. Vendors who sell smokes are getting extra tax added to their displays for the amount of brands sold! So they are widdling the choices down little by little. But you never see extra tax on alki or fast food. Which can be just as unhealthy!!! Guess they need to pad those budgets somehow!!! Fuckers...

Dryer broke last nite. Had to take the sucker apart and replace the drive belt. Finished that.

Been scrambling to find my GMC Jimmies title. The lady(we'll call her that for now. Since I have no idea what's going on? Still!!!)keeps moving papers around. So for 2 weeks haven't been able to find it. Broke down and went to city hall and purchased another copy for 25 bucks. So I can either sell it out right. Or junk the heap?!

6 weeks ago I got a letter from our bank saying that we were overdrawn by almost 800 bucks. Come to find out. That I've been paying insurance on the house, my caddie, and her jeep!! Plus student loan services, after calling them twice, have not put a stop on automatic withdrawls since November!! Hence my account being shutdown! Owe the bank 230 bucks still. Love the help I get here paying it off!! Gonna go for a credit union next time!!!

She came home from work. And I noticed some boxes in the back of her jeep. Asked her about them. She said,"Yes! There are boxes." And never said another word. Really odd! So are they for her. too move. Or for her friend shes been moving. I hate limbo. I really fucking do!

     2009-03-28 04:49:12 ET
In a way I am happy I work till 11pm tonight. I wont really have to be around. Since she is going out with her friends tonight. She did last nite too. Helping her single friend move, and have pizza(got the text before leaving work!). Which means I will probaly be having hot tea and biscuits for dinner again. No leftovers in the house, 4 packs of ramen. And that's it till next Thursday! Yet. She can go out get her hair and nails done at the most expensive salon in town! Go figure on priorities!

Went to bed at about 8:30ish. So I wouldn't have to think about anything, and hope that the stomach growling would subside! Which it did eventually....

     2009-03-26 17:07:01 ET
Took some scrap copper to the recycling yard yesterday. Got 11 bucks. That 11 bucks went towards food. After tonight, it's Ramen till next Thursday. She tells me to ask her money to buy food sometimes. I shouldn't have to when, you open the fridge and see it bare. Same goes for the freezer. Just common sense. Maybe half the world doesn't even have that!

Had an old coworker text me, and ask if I want to go to the fights on Friday. It would be interesting. But there's not much you can do with a buck forty seven in this world. I'm thinking I got asked to go. Cause his old lady and my lady hang out. So that's my guess.If I wanted a sympathy hang out nite. I'd look for it between shite and syphillis in the dictionary!!!

It sucks being pretty much peniless. And then your lady tells you she's getting her hair, nails and toes done on Saterday. Then hanging with her friends all nite! Must be seriously fucking nice. I have the late shift that day. 2pm-11pm. Come home. Eat if I feel like it. And just go too bed.

Bed sounds good about now. The alone part blows!!!

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