2005-01-12 17:56:58 ET
Today at work was as retarded as it gets. Lack of preparation, thought, judgement, etc etc. Our company has this habit of catering to pompous jerk offs, who feel that they have to modify everything in their townhouses.If it's not broken, don't worry, don't stress, or you'll get grapes of wraith by doing so(*hemroids). Like my boss promised this guy we would modify all four of the units he had purchased. This would entail, closing off closets, and make the bathrooms a bit bigger.Our crew that frames(*most framing in Florida is metal.) the buildings has this habit of double framing over existing drywall, meaning, that when I have to move a main drainage line, or copper water lines, I have to hack away at the sandwiched drywall, or take apart their work to make it right. Bring it back to code. When I was shown what was to be done this morning, my boss asked if I could work around the drywall that already had been installed on these monstrosities. I shook my head in disbelief. WTF! Went through my mind."Yeah!", I muttered."If you want the pipes and electrical wiring on the outside of the wall!","Is this unit going for the Home Depot open ceiling look?". I spent about two hours deconstructing all the drywall, another two more hours ripping chunks out of metal beams(*about 26 or so), to get the proper pitch need for water drainage, and placemenmt of the pvc drain. I still have about another six hours or so to refix all the problems that were made by fellow crew members, so that this Frankenstein bathroom, hopefully turns out without random bulges behind the drywall, and no leaks.

Then we had a crew memeber who demos unit, stupidly try to break a glass mirror. And ended up severing a few tendons...*Shakes head! Fucked thing is, is this guy isn't even on the books, and does not have working papers for this country(*about 3/4 of the crew). So tommorrow will be another brow beating speech.The daily motovational speech..Not! Anyhow, The crew members that are legal, are freaking out, about the job being shut down .

A friggin aptitude test should have been given to most the people I work with. Or maybe one of those tests where you match a block shape to the opening."Yes! That's right. The square block , does fit into the round hole.Want a job?"

 Yeah.....    2005-01-11 16:48:27 ET
I think Dumpster diving and Urinal mint flipping should be considered olympic sports. Same goes for lawn darts,tiddly-winks, and trashcan bowling.

 Blah....    2005-01-11 04:42:10 ET
No calls for a ride today!Yeah! Makes one feel like a plague bearer or something. Or at the minimum, like a leper!More phone calls today.

     2005-01-10 17:49:34 ET
Thanks to everyone who made the day a bit more bearable..Thanks one and all:)

     2005-01-10 10:14:08 ET
Just gave my cat a jelly baby. He took it, walked away, and spat it out!!! Ungreatful furry little bastard. Now I'm getting that 20 yard cat stare down tactic......

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