i am so glad it is friday    2006-12-01 16:25:40 ET
it was a pretty stress full week i was sick half the time which didn't help. but it is friday so me and my freinds are going to hang out REALLY late like we ussally do which is fun. My freind Katie is comming along which is good I dont see her alot besides when i am in school. We have been trying to hang out for weeks now but something always happens to interfere. My band (cassette tape hero) just played our first show last week at a coffee shop it was lots of fun a good turnout too. i cant wait till our next show i hope to get some pics of it on here by tommorow. well i'll try posting something on here tommorow.

- dan

 new member    2006-10-11 15:41:51 ET
hey i am very glad i got a subkultures profile. i have been going on this site for a while now and finnelly have gotten around to create an account.

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