new member
2006-10-11 15:41:51 ET

hey i am very glad i got a subkultures profile. i have been going on this site for a while now and finnelly have gotten around to create an account.

2006-10-11 15:48:22 ET

Welcome to SK

*touches you*

2006-10-11 16:54:34 ET

god, gage, do you say that to everyone?

2006-10-11 17:23:19 ET

yes. but it's differently special for all.

*touches you again*

2006-10-11 19:01:58 ET


no touching

2006-10-11 19:30:19 ET

Awww neato. I like you already
welcome to sk.
pixi stick?
*Hands you a blue one*

2006-10-11 21:32:11 ET

hello, and welcome :)

2006-10-12 02:17:30 ET


2006-10-12 03:47:19 ET

see!? aren't we cool?

2006-10-12 20:10:04 ET

thanks for all the responses, i am glade to be here.

2006-10-23 16:24:11 ET


2006-11-03 21:17:28 ET


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