can't wait    2008-11-27 18:38:23 ET
well thanksgiving was good, can't complain, but what i am looking forward to is tomorrow.

so tomorrow morning i am going to see the movie "let the right one in" i can't wait to see it! it looks so good! its a Swedish horror film i believe. i have heard nothing but good things about it. ill let you all know how it is.

 horror movie convention    2008-10-06 19:59:49 ET
well i went to the horror movie convention, ive been going there for years now. and one of the movies i bought there i watched last night.

the movie is called [REC}

it is a spanish horror movie, and i was REALLY good. I really liked it. if you like horror movies this one is a must see, its pretty hard to find but its definitely worth it.

anyways fall is here. finally. and not to long until Halloween!

 WOW    2008-07-26 21:38:33 ET
Wow its been a while since i have posted anything on here. its not like i forgot about this account i go on it on a day to day basis, i just never no what to say in these things, i was never a big blogger. nothing really new in my life at all, just looking for a job to get some cash.

i hope to write on here more often that is something i want to do cuz i really like this site.

well ill write more soon.

- dan

 its cold    2007-02-06 18:40:35 ET
well nothing new here really. just been out and about with my friends for the past few days. its been slow week so far but last week went by sooooooooooooooooo slow. but hopefully it won't this week. i think its this cold weather in ohio. it was 4 below zero last night when i got home. i have never been so cold before. is any other states have snow right now? i need to go to bed already, i have been online way too long. i havnt been on all day so i had alot to catch up to.

 i am so glad it is friday    2006-12-01 16:25:40 ET
it was a pretty stress full week i was sick half the time which didn't help. but it is friday so me and my freinds are going to hang out REALLY late like we ussally do which is fun. My freind Katie is comming along which is good I dont see her alot besides when i am in school. We have been trying to hang out for weeks now but something always happens to interfere. My band (cassette tape hero) just played our first show last week at a coffee shop it was lots of fun a good turnout too. i cant wait till our next show i hope to get some pics of it on here by tommorow. well i'll try posting something on here tommorow.

- dan

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