Snow    2010-02-27 14:07:04 ET
I went record shopping at a bunch of places today. I found a ton of good stuff and also found some weird stuff. One record I bought is definitely from the 80's and it is made out of cardboard. It is a Halloween themed record. It tells a cheesy ghost story on it, It looks like it came from a old box of cereal or something. It is very weird. Anyways it has been snowing a here for about two days straight now. I don't think I am going out tonight. The roads are pretty bad. I am going to watch some movies tonight instead, I just got a bunch of DVDs I have bought recently but I haven't watched yet.

     2010-02-17 21:07:06 ET
Anybody have any good film recommendations? I love to hear about new and old films to see.

     2010-02-12 20:07:58 ET
Today was a pretty fun. I hung out with my friend Beckie for a majority of the night which is always fun. I found some good records today for pretty cheap. It didn't snow that bad today, these past couple of days it has been snowing non stop! Currently listening to some vinyl records before I get to bed.

 Today    2010-02-08 16:27:33 ET
Today couldn't get any better! Just an overall great day!
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 Hey    2010-02-07 21:23:32 ET
Wow today has been crazy day, I did so much stuff! I am really tired! I need to start going to bed earlier. I had a lot of fun today. Hung out with my friend Joe for a while today, we went to a bunch of places. Drank a lot of coffee and bought some vinyl records. The whole day I thought was Saturday, it just dawned on me it was Sunday. I guess I have my days mixed up. I should probably get to bed. Goodnight everybody.

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