2008-07-26 21:38:33 ET

Wow its been a while since i have posted anything on here. its not like i forgot about this account i go on it on a day to day basis, i just never no what to say in these things, i was never a big blogger. nothing really new in my life at all, just looking for a job to get some cash.

i hope to write on here more often that is something i want to do cuz i really like this site.

well ill write more soon.

- dan

2008-07-26 23:19:35 ET

write write see dan write

2008-07-27 08:42:41 ET

haha, i'm from ohio too [but i live in atlanta now] what part are you from?

2008-07-27 21:05:55 ET

Yes, please write more. Even if it seems trivial to you, it's insight that you're providing to others on what you're about.

Welcome back.

2008-07-27 21:46:57 ET

i am from North Royalton how about you?

2008-07-28 06:57:29 ET

god i have no clue where that even is. i'm from cincinnati, born and raised! haha

2008-07-28 13:26:22 ET

thats cool its like 4 hours away from where i am from lol

2008-07-28 17:08:59 ET

north? west? east?

what kind of records do you collect?

2008-07-28 20:07:41 ET

it is east of Cincinnati

i collect a lot of different types of records, mainly psychedelic rock, punk and classic rock, but i do have alot of other genres as well.

2008-07-29 08:10:12 ET

newer psychedelic stuff?

2008-07-29 08:55:07 ET

yeah i have some newer psychedelic stuff as well as a lot of older psychedelic stuff

2008-07-29 19:51:22 ET

i want to find some of the newer stuff but i don't really know what to look for other than brian jonestown massacre, etc.
any suggestions other than the basic stuff?

2008-07-29 19:53:51 ET

there is this really cool band you might like them, they are really out there they are called Acid Mothers Temple. Ive heard a little bit of theres and it was pretty cool

2008-07-30 19:45:35 ET

i'll definitely give them a listen. i get bored with music so easily.

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