Friday    2012-07-06 15:15:56 ET
Haven't done any recording of any new music in a while! A real long while. Picked up one of the guitars today and starting to write a new song. Its slowly coming together. Feels good to be working on music again. Any today was a good day. Did some cool things with the family and everything. Also getting back into film photography again. Been a while since I have shot anything in 35mm. Maybe get some stuff developed soon! Hanging out a little later and watch a movie or two. Any movie recommendations?

 Nice Change    2012-07-05 17:53:05 ET
My oldest brother is in town this week for a while. Haven't seen him in over two years. Its been really nice to be able to hang out again with him again and catch up.

 Memorial Day Weekend     2012-05-28 12:11:25 ET
Hope everybody is having a good Memorial Day today. Going to have a beer or two and watch some movies tonight.

 A Good Night     2012-05-27 19:33:44 ET
So far a real great night. Recording some music tonight and having a beer by Dogfish Head Brewery. Probably staying up really up, doing a bunch of recording tonight.
- Dan

 vinyl and coffee    2012-02-16 06:49:29 ET
Having some coffee then going shopping for a bunch used CDs and records. Hopefully I find some good stuff.

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