2010-02-27 14:07:04 ET

I went record shopping at a bunch of places today. I found a ton of good stuff and also found some weird stuff. One record I bought is definitely from the 80's and it is made out of cardboard. It is a Halloween themed record. It tells a cheesy ghost story on it, It looks like it came from a old box of cereal or something. It is very weird. Anyways it has been snowing a here for about two days straight now. I don't think I am going out tonight. The roads are pretty bad. I am going to watch some movies tonight instead, I just got a bunch of DVDs I have bought recently but I haven't watched yet.

2010-02-27 15:10:26 ET

Oooh let us know what you end up watching!!

2010-02-27 20:14:54 ET

I ended up watching the movies "New York I Love You" and the movie "Reservation Road"

2010-02-28 00:47:19 ET

I saw reservation road, what did you think?

2010-02-28 15:57:36 ET

I liked it.

2011-12-23 11:27:48 ET

Sounds interesting.

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