STUPID HEADS!    2009-10-09 13:01:09 ET
I know I have written of this before but for some reason I find this unbelieveably funny. Adulterous, liars, cheaters, living off the population, vipers, people without honor or morality, manipulators and words I cannot even bring to the edge of my mind and probably should not write on here, are what they might be called. Yeah, in my opinion, and that more accurately describes SOME, if not many politicians. Yet, when dad burst out with STUPID HEADS and means all parties I cannot help but laugh. Stupid Heads! Perhaps, in the realm of thinking, that is really all they are. Stupid Heads! I have, however, had to remind him that it is really not appropriate to write a politician to let him know he is a Stupid Head. Laughter, how can we live without it?


 It is Okay!    2009-10-03 21:12:22 ET
There, I am done...for the moment. I think being made to face this made me spiral and seeing my son cry made it worse. Yet, we each must be free to cry.

I have had my pity party and now I can deal again, for a while. I am looking at resourses, trying to find out who has the best early onset dementia group and I will go from there.

Thank you....for letting me spin out of control for a while. Now the work will begin. Sweetie, I will keep you updated.

 Double ABCX    2009-10-02 18:42:41 ET
Today, I have once again found my third person. Today my son spoke with me about double abcx.The A is the stresser and I am unsure how the others play but you can have many a's and b's and c's. I think the b is who you speak with about a and c is your perception of the situation verses the reality of the situation. I will have to think on this and study it a wee bit. Each stands for something and I know resources may be one of them. Something I have not heard of before.

This evening I looked up dementia verses Alzhimers as well as early onset dementia. Early onset can strike people in the 30's and up. There are also many different types of dementia. It is a whole new world out there. I have learned that the weight loss is a symptom and must be watched. Familiar places are easier to handle then an unfamiliar place.

I also believe in miracles and there is where I will stand.

 Daddy called ~    2009-10-01 18:46:37 ET
I left two days ago to visit my child who is my young adult with children of her own. I left with my other children being there for daddy. I left and daddy would not come with me because in his own mind he had too much to do. Too many responsibilities at home to take a trip.

Daddy called several times today. He called to tell me he loves me, he called to ask me if I knew how much money we have in our account, he called to ask me if grandma had ever had heart problems, he called to tell me he was going into town to pick some groceries up so he could make sure to have dinner ready for grandma. Daddy called because he misses me.

I fool myself because all seems so normal. Though you see, it is not. Daddy was a paramedic, a commander who knows his medical field. Grandma has lived with us for twelve years. Daddy knows grandma has heart problems, he knows she had an oblation a year ago because of an electrical problem in her heart. He knows, but he did not remember. Yet, when he called he seemed so on top of things this morning. Daddy went to buy groceries to fix dinner for grandma. Then, he bought himself a burger and forgot all about dinner for grandma.

I scream and it is a silent scream. This is alright, daddy knows who I am. I scream but no one hears because I cannot let the scream leave my throat. I scream because I see my children with tears in their eyes. I scream because when I kiss daddy and playfully touch him he laughs as though he is unsure as to what he should do. I scream because I do not know what is going to happen. I scream because I am afraid. I scream!

 We Must Look For The Laughter    2009-09-30 18:12:24 ET
I find laughter in small things:

Daddy could not find the word and he told me to be careful because there were thongs on the rose bush.

We have a friend visiting. Each night as she comes in from work, Dad, without looking up, says, "You're late!" Poor Steph, she was laughing with me and Kika. She said, "I feel like I am in high school and coming in after curfew."

Daddy has decided that all politicians are "Stupid Heads." He received an email from one of our major parties asking for a contribution. He wrote them back and told them that when they found some common sense he might think about it. However, since they had none they were obviously Stupid Heads. I found out and said, "Oh, honey, you really didn't write that did you. It wasn't very nice." He told me it didn't have to be nice because it is true.

Dad has decided that putting all the shredded paper on the lawn is good mulch. I no longer tell him that it might kill some of the lawn because it might smother it. I just enjoy driving up and seeing what looks like snow.

We can and will always find the laughter. Dad would want it because he has always been so fun loving and silly with you kids.

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