Yester~Year    2010-09-29 17:36:09 ET


 Still Yester~Year    2010-09-29 13:51:41 ET
So how did the working two jobs come about? After trying to survive as a single mom on one salary I came to the realization that to survive I needed a second job.

Dear old "Scuttlebutt" on 32nd. Street, I wonder if you are still there? Anyway, I see this advertisement for a cocktail waitress and apply. "He" says, "Go sit and enjoy the show, I'll be down in a sec." This guy singing on the stage brought his mic and got down on bended knee to sing to me. I was so embarrassed I thought I would die and there was no one but the sound people there. Here I sit in that little chair smiling at the man and hoping that "He" will soon be back as "Tiny Bubbles" swirl around me and Don Ho is on bended knee before me and I don't even know who he is. So I say thank you soft and sweet as he heads back to the stage and "He" comes back to talk to me. It is "He" because he never told me his name.

Low and behold he hired me! No experience, just off the farm and I don't know a high ball from a shot. Geeze, now what? I guess the learning style here is take the order, don't write it down, drafts in the back, bottles in the middle and glasses on the round. Wear this little dress that hits just below your rump with a cute little apron, and a stong southern accent. Be here tomorrow at six pm with a sweet little smile.

 Yester~Year    2010-09-21 09:21:31 ET
I am tired, I think I am always tired but then at least four hours of being tired today is my fault. How naive can you be when you are 24. Of course you can survive on one job, have a two year old in nursery school and realistically live on $25.00 child support and no alimony. To top it all off I moved what little lock, stock and barrel I had from Alabama to California. Like the little engine that could, I can make it, I can make it, by god, I can make it!

I have learned some things during this short time of I can. I learned that my older parents cannot physically be responsible for a two year old, I have learned that my grandmother has cancer of the colon and is in pain much of the time, although I still do not realize to the full extent of the grip this malignancy has on her. I have learned that one job will not suffice and I have to have something else so that I can pay the nursery school.

Yep, this is definately naive little me. Never heard of drugs, nope, not even marajauna. Never smelled it, never seen it, never smoked it. To me a cigarette was a drug and that one I seemed to be allergic to. Married at 17, because I was "smarter" than my dad, stayed married because "he", not my dad, cried. Caught him fishing on a day he should have been at work to find he had lost his job for not going. "Wawaww, didn't want to tell you and have you worry." "Oh, by the way, I did use all those silver dollars your grandmother had saved to keep us solvent for the last four months." Me, I stayed a little dumber and I stayed because I was not a quitter. Yep, I had to have a baby at 22, probably in a selfish way, for me because he did not want one.

I am woman, I am strong, I can survive anything accept reaching the point where I realized I was indeed a woman married to a little boy who would never grow up. All it took for me to realize this was for him to be arrested for pouching deer without a license. Now tell me, for heavens sake, who pouches deer. Who goes to jail for pouching deer? There reaches a point in ones life, even if it takes six years where you finally say, I am over this, poof, so over it, and that is exactly what I did. All my partner of six years wanted was for his parents to be able to see our little girl and of course I would allow that. Heck, they probably were the ones paying the $25.00 a month.

Now I am in San Diego, working two jobs, tired beyond belief and so very thankful that the past six years is over.

 Two Sides    2010-09-03 08:35:20 ET
I have a story to tell as well as you. So much I think of during the day to write and so little time to sit with my thoughts and write it all down. Then the day blends with other days and one runs into another. However, I have a story to tell as well as you!

 A Quote I Found Insightful!    2009-10-14 18:21:40 ET
All I want is for you to forever remember me as loving you.....

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