hi again    2010-03-30 21:40:45 ET
the last time i wrote -for me spectaculair-little stories about my manic-and psychotic times on my blog at my space.
and old and new poems.

found a lot creative ppl there, and laughed a lot aboout stupid little things, most time about a punk dj from the north, he is as insane as i, and his friend, too. so we catch the same kind of humour.

one writer from the west invited me to come to her event, she asked her friend in my near to take me with him in his car.

thatīs would be a good way, to get out of my city for a weekend, but i feel a little scared about it. and the same weekend will be a nice event in my town.

you have to know, we are at home the most time, and some days i have real problems to leave my home.

i donīt know. weīll see...

"the" shorty became a big catman, with muscles and shiny seal?

and "the old lady" yecim is in a better mood again. sometimes she needs much sleep and i thought, she was a little "dement" but now itīs ok with her again.

i wrote a letter to my dad, but got no response, but i have bithday in one week, so maybe, heīll visit me for coffee and cake, to have a look on my new carpets.

i like my flat now much more, my living-room looks like a chill-out-lounge

home, sweet home-itīs my "elfenbeinturm"


 hi!:)    2010-02-21 23:39:03 ET
i didnīt posted the last time, i was a little frustrated, that i couldnīt express myself in english the way i wanted.
i like to play with words, and thatīs easier for me in german, logical, or?
so i "played" on myspace.com/sheinox the last time.
but now i think, maybe you enjoy my "denglish"(germanenglish)*
sorry, i donīt know how to make a link, and i cannot post pics here.-shame on me
technic is a "dry" thing...
iīm more interested in arts, music and poetry.
*( sometimes i couldnīt catch the kind of humour on sk, and iīd like to be more funny, but in winter i was often depressed. now spring is near, maybe it works, but i can not promise...)

btw, i got some money, cause my father sold his house, itīs not much, but i have+. so i can buy some things, like a keyboard!! and will have new carpets for my rooms. life is easier than last year, when i had to sell some lpīs and and cdīs. friday i bought an lp, the first since more than a year, the stranglers of 1977!

my little catman shorty is no longer a man, itīs cruel, but i had to do it, cuz heīs a housecat. and i donīt like to live in a pumacage.
but heīs ok.

iīm sitting here with open window, birds are singing.

thatīs all for the moment


 this winter sucks, but still alive    2010-01-29 20:46:00 ET
an hour ago i could watch the brightest and biggest moon i ever saw.
it was random, i couldnīt sleep( no wonder !) and in bed i thought about a new little poetry. posted it on myspace, and so on.
suddenly i recogniced this spectacle, it was like the moon would warn us about to take care, or if the sun would explow in a minute, or sth like that. and fog, fast clouds to give the right setup.
it was faszinating.

my last time? i did only the things i had to do, creeping on the ground, not really, but it was the feeling.
but iīm proud i made all my ways with my bike, instead of the snow and the cold temperatures.
but i donīt like to take the bus or tram.

i lost the contact to the older lady, where i cleaned up the rooms. it was to much for me, she wanted to contact me all the time, and she often talked about her problems grounded on her childhood, i couldnīt stand it anymore.
sheīs an interesting person, i wonīt loose the contact for ever, but now i need my own thoughts in my head.

last evening carsten and i answered questions in net about our sexuality and partnership. i read about it in newspaper, a project of 2 students.
i can say, it was very nice after it.

all i hope is spring comes soon

love, sue


 so tonight is special...    2009-12-28 10:23:13 ET
..cause iīm alone after being with my love for nearly one week, saw my family, met the bf of my dauhgter, and his parents.
btw, my daugherīs bf is a very shy person, and i had my problems with my father and his new wife, but now eveything is ok, iīm watching the opera "fidelio" by beethoven on tv, listening, enjoying..
so i can relax a few days, and new years eve is a party, carstenī s band is playing, and thatīs ok cause the last new years eve we spent at home because of the cats-but i think itīs ok to leave them alone for a few hours, i would like to party this year, weīll see...

wish you all a very good new year!

 ok, wish you all a happy thxgving,but...    2009-11-26 10:29:41 ET
fuck off x-mas and newyearseve, i wanna fall in a sleepmode till spring

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