hi guys!    2011-10-03 09:35:55 ET
hey hallo again, hope youīre all ok.
i am. live vegan now for maybe 5 or 6 weeks, lost weight; although i didnīt recognized it by myself, but a few ppl, who saw me after this time, told me, i would look thinny. got new clothes, and some free time, felt free and good on my bycicle today, on my way to my lowbudjetjob and back, so i can imagine still to be sexy and i hope i can save this feeling for sometime.

today in germany is this day to celebrate the "unique" of the 2 states of germany; if this is really a day to make party, i donīt know, capitalism is growing and so on.

just wanted to tell you, if i said a few years ago, that i donīt know, if it makes any sence, when obama came. sure, i was happy, that fucking bush wasnīt there. thatīs true, and i was happy about obama,

but i know about your situation now, the poorer get poorer and the rich get more rich, thatīs it-

i try to learn from socialistic newspapers a little, often i buy some to be still involveld but the most important thing is love.
and peace and happiness

i cannot really explain my mind but i hope the world would be a better place for all people in future, that is whatīs in my mind.

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 so what?    2011-07-14 08:45:19 ET
ot was a long time i didnīt posted here sth, but there was a long time between, my netbook was out of order, then i still listened to music on myshit and postet a lot of shit there, (but i wrote a maybe sf there-"2021! and "2031"-you, who are my friends on that shit must translate it, if you are interested, maybe i try to write sth intersting lyrics here sometimes, if i write a better english ever.

and what happened in my life, the dogsitting is the best job iīve ever had, sometimes the owner of the dog are not at home for a week or so, so i can live my life, sleep longer and i went to two cool punkevents on my homecity in a very nice selfmadeventplace, where i was years ago in contact, and i know the ppl there. thatīs a nice place to have cheap international punkbandevents.

and i painted a lot at home, and in a group, and somewhere i shouldnīt talk about-;D

 snowchristmasdogsiting    2010-12-13 05:45:54 ET
just wanna say hello and wish you all a great christmas-time!
love, sue

( hope to get my netbook back the next days, so iīll write a little more than.)

 hottest summer in the city ever    2010-07-16 00:33:45 ET
hi! just wanna say hello again.

this summer has many good aspects for my life.
i have better contact to old and new ppl, got more invitings for to hang up together.

in other news: i lost the friendship to my father; my cat jeschim is old, the heat isnÂīt good for her, i fear to lose her every day, and thatÂīs a stone on my heart. but this morning sheÂīs ok. itÂīs not so hot in the moment.

thatÂīs it for the moment.

greetz and love
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 nice evening    2010-06-01 12:56:40 ET
i have a nice evening with a friend of mine, simone.

she is faszinated about my internet, she has no, and wishes to get along.

we understand everyhing we say and talk talk talk about everyhing...

the most importand question of simone is: ia there still a hype about nirvana in seatlle?

she wantīs to know, cause we are nerved about the eurovision song contest

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