new life    2009-09-01 11:47:01 ET
had a haircut today, but they are still long.
went to a bookshop to order a book about the 12 steps and traditions. (and bought a secondhand about dalai lama,answering questions to lifesituations)
yes, i joined AA, today i visited my 4th meeting since wednesday. funny old men there today, we laughed a lot, one of them is 75, sober since he had been in my age. he slept a while between others talked, why not.
thursday ill go next time, in another part of the city.
it works.

tomorrow is a summer-party in the house for "psychos", where i paint on tuesdays . carsten will be there, too, after work. then well have a nice still excited to have a date with him, although we spend the whole weekend together and every wednesday.
im happy when i read about others relationships here, who are happy together, too

 nature    2009-08-10 13:14:31 ET
me and kiste enjoy the summer
riding on our bikes 20 km to the next lake, or goin to te forest, swimming, have fun, its great!
only the mosquitos getting on my nerves

 guns    2009-07-30 11:15:02 ET
just went to my kiosk man with the last cents. first he said he wouldnt take 1 and 2 cents, but i weared a jacked, where you can see my tatooed gun on my left shoulder, and then it was ok!;)

but he knows he should give me a red carpet, not only for bringing most of my money to him, there was another story years ago, when he filled me up with wodka...

yeah, this would be the last drinking, then ill go to AAs

im not drinkin all day, but when,...

and im not amused to drink with ppl under my status or so


 rocknroll    2009-07-26 05:12:25 ET
last night was the first time, i saw my lover with a band, it was only a private birthday party at AAs, but it was great.
the 3 of the band are all great musicians.

and then we had a great night and morning! :)

 old ladies    2009-07-23 11:33:36 ET
this afternoon i visited a woman, i know from the art-group.
it was very nice, we talked about eveything.
it doesnt matter, that she is 64. and she is "clean" for 25 years and still a member of AA`s.
i told her about my alcohol-problem, she wont believe it, but then gave me something to read

when i was at home, i got a mail from her, if i would like to visit her again, we could more concentrate on arts and books and so on.

im happy, later i called a younger one, and she was happy, and we laughed much

and another older lady from art-group talks to me all the time, she studies philosophie , and is real insane sometimes, but i like her, she talked about sartre and i talked about simone de bouviar, and so on...

i love my "psychos"

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