Debt    2005-08-25 12:22:36 ET
I really dont like debt collectors, slimey, pushy, assholes.

I moved out of an apartment several years ago, had an agreement with the manager that i would pay the relet fee and the final months rent, so long as I gave 30 days notice, which I did. Well, I ran a credit report and there was something on it from this complex, so I disputed it. Come to find out, the place got sold, the manager quit and my money went ????, so now they want 2500.00 dollars. 3 years later even.

Thing that pisses me off the most was this collectors attitude, I make plenty of money and my credit score is around 700, so its not like I dont pay my bills. This guy spoke to me as if I deserved to be in a debtors prison. By the time I got off the phone I was so livid I couldnt see straight.

I need a drink...

     2005-08-24 08:57:29 ET
Summer needs to end, NOW. Over 100 degree forecasts for the rest of the week.

Im from Ireland, the emrerad isle, this Texas crap doesnt agree with me. Ive been in the US since I was 10 or so, but lived in the north until 97, I've been in texas 8 years and still cannot get used to this heat. You can only take off so much to get cool...

I might go to the club, but everytime i do, it makes me not want to leave the house for a while.
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     2005-08-23 07:57:45 ET
We finally got an Ikea store here in Dallas, which is great. However, there has been a 1/4 mile long line to get into the place for 2 weeks now. I decided to try and go last friday and I guess we beat the rush. Funny thing is, the only thing a bought was a grey stuffed toy sheep and a strainer, something I could have gotten anywhere.

Saturday I did my usual go to the pool at night, relax, and have a few drinks. Its a large resort style pool with several smaller pools and waterfalls, nice place to go unwind. Usually there isnt anyone there around 11pm. However, this night, a bunch of frat types decided to have a little party. Now, its a public pool and anyone who lives in the complex can use it, but obnoxious people really piss me off. The first thing I here as I come in the gate is "huh huh freak show, huh huh". Ok, im 31 years old and have heard that crap since I was in my teens and it doesnt bother me, but come on, grow up already. Luckily the left shortly after. The rest of the evening went well, a couple friends came over and we floated around on those pool noodle things drinking until 2:30 am. Good times.

I have a question for anyone that might be a developer.

I want to catagorize all of my music into a searchable database that can be accessed via a web interface. I was think some sql type stuff, but if someone has done this or has a good idea, let me know.

 Babble    2005-08-18 17:46:39 ET
I need to get a new game, any recommendations?

Being the history buff i am , im looking foward to this new HBO mini series. Looks interesting.

 Holy Crap    2005-08-17 05:46:29 ET
This latest round of internet worms has totally hosed our network, work is total havok today...

Should have taken vacation this week :(

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