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 hmmm    2011-02-21 13:16:51 ET
Yep, still alive.


 Cooking    2007-08-16 21:54:46 ET
I like to cook, but this is the last time I let anyone volunteer me to cook for a dinner party without asking them exactly how many people are going to show up. I spent the better part of the day making 10's of home made manicotti shells, filling, and my own sauce.

Stuffing that many noodles is really unfun.

 Yep    2007-08-15 14:53:13 ET
Grouchy old man checking in.

     2007-03-12 19:38:59 ET
I hate thieves.

I hate the fact they are tearing down an entire 8 square block area or downtown that has been the hub of Dallas subculture for past 30 years. Why, to build "live, shop, work" pseudo "neighborhood".

I hate people that try to sleep with other people whom they know are in relationships.

I hate people that flash a tit and spread em wide and all of a sudden become
"super scenester", still clueless as hell, and no one seems to care.

I really hate people that drop names, fucking hell.

I hate being in such a bad mood.

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 Amazing    2007-02-05 20:33:51 ET
when you remember passwords out of the blue like this.

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