New Car    2006-02-25 19:21:23 ET
Well after many years of driving my ever faithful and reliable Nissan Sentra, I determined it was time for a new car. I figured after getting hosed during my divorce and 4 years of working my ass of to repair my credit, I deserved to get something for myself.

So today, I went out and bought myself a new car. Got a HHR in that neat copper color.

Just like this, minus the luggage racks.


 Jesus H Christ    2006-02-20 18:36:02 ET
I got promoted, woot.

Past few months have been fun, work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep. I guess it paid off, I now get to be part of some pretty cool emerging technologies.

Looking forward to learn this IPTV stuff.

     2005-09-25 04:51:36 ET
I am at work right now, joy...

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 Hurricane    2005-09-22 18:34:14 ET
If anyone from the houston area needs anything let me know.
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 Vow    2005-09-16 21:35:58 ET
I hearby vow that this weekend will be spent doing NOTHING. My work pager and cellphone are off, my home phone ringer is off, my cellphone is dead, and I hid my keys. I will not leave the house.

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