2006-10-22 13:06:58 ET

So They Say its my BIRTHDAY!


2006-10-20 17:40:19 ET

Another year older eh... well on Sunday.. Why, seriously why.
The last few years have zoomed by so fast and it makes me want to do more with mylife...

I have no clue if any one is going to hang out with me Saturday night. I want to go to Karaoke at AJ's Pub.. I think my friend Jessica is coming..
Bah to my friends living else where.

2006-10-17 07:50:25 ET

An aquantance of mine found out my birthday was Sunday. They wished me a happy birthday and said "Don't worry you dont Look a day over 30 or 31" thats when I was like "Um, yeah I'm turning 23 but thanks"

Do I look that old.

Nth Degree
2006-10-08 16:18:49 ET

Weekends are too short. Why cant I have Columbus day of like the government people do.
My throat still hurts. FUCKING STREP..
I have to work because I need the money, having a negitive in your bank account is a bad thing, expecialy when you have "overdraft" protection, in the form of a CREDIT CARD that you maxed out. FUCK..
I need to get better with money.


Will Someone Please.....
2006-10-07 19:15:16 ET

Shoot me, I think it would be good for my image.

LOL. ok sorry thats been running through my head since earlier this morning.

Any who, living in Arizona, and havint the compresor on your AC unit go out sucks big time.
I am going in and out because its cooler out side than it is in the house, its sad really.
I also decided that I am going to work my ass off to get somewhere in this world, and trample all who stand in my way.. For fucking real guys I am tired of being the doormate to pretty much everyone I know.

Well yes.. life eh..

the world is full of fuckers!


2006-10-06 17:14:15 ET


I am starting to wonder if I will ever fall in love.
It kind of makes me feel like I wasnt ment to fall in love. eh, who knows.

So how is everyone elses October so far.?

Damn illness
2006-10-04 20:48:37 ET

I have strep.
I am not contagious any more. I had to stay home from work due to it though. and I haTE HATE missing work. its better than staying home. blah.

Any way, I am doing well, working, living at home once again, but its not all bad.
I like having my family around me, it is a comfort really. I miss Rikki lots, our birthdays are coming up and I want her to be here for them.

Hi Ho Hi Ho
2006-08-20 09:41:15 ET

Its off to my Apartment I go. To clean and pack and all that shit. Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho


I wish I could pay movers but I am broke so thats a lost cause.

FRIGGIN A.. But soon to be ok
2006-08-19 19:34:48 ET

It seems I've been job-hopping as of late. I loved my Radiology Ltd. job but do to change of supervisors they said they donít need me. They were wrong. lol.
I then worked at El Pueblo Health Centre for like four days. HATED IT WITH A SEETHING PASSION. They said I wasnít a FIT for the job. A fucking trained monkey with a partial lobotomy could do it, I guess I let the fact that I hated it show a little. Now I am working at Codac behavioral health. I dig it so far, itís only been three days but I think it may work for me.

I am bored.

Rikki needs to come now dammit!!!.

Moving shit out of my apartment tomorrow.

Oh I failed to mention. My apt has been broken into TWICE in the past two weeks.
They stole so much. FUCKING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aint Life Grand
2006-07-24 05:08:06 ET

My cell phone was stolen last night. Fucker who took it best be watching out for karma.
I may be getting a new one with the same number thats if I can't find the spare one we have with a different number.
Its not like it was even a cool phone, it was a very crappy phone, not even color, just basic junk.
But what ever.
So, alot more has been going on, but not much I want to talk about on the net.
Other than I am moving back to my moms, she needs me. She feels so bad that I am moving back though. She wants me too, but she feels like she is taking my independence, but shes not. The only thing that is going to change is my address really. I am still going to be independent, have people over and all that crap. She even told me that. its nutsness really.

It will just be My mom, my little sister, and me. it will be a change in general, but I will befine.


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