Anomalism 01-19-10 Having a scifi moment.    2010-01-19 20:22:30 ET
Or possibly not.
I was thinking about memories a day or two ago and it occured to me. What if our memories are not the product of incredibly complex electro chemical storage with in our brain cells? What if instead they are links outside of space/time back to the actual moments as we lived them, albeit tenuous links. We exist in time (mostly) What if we are more dimensionaly complex than we ever dreamed. Now to set this up a little you need to see where I am coming from.
I am a Christian and I believe in science, and I do not believe they exclude each other as so many people desperately try to assert. Just because we figure out in some small way how God does some of the things he has done, does not make it any less God's doing. Now in my bible and I can never recall exact chapter and verse but I did read " with God a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years a day". And Jesus said " Before moses was, I am". God is described as the great "I AM" and as eternal, without beginning or end. What all this suggests to me is that God is outside of space time and that in short Genisis 1:1 was God creating a beginning ( time) and there is the creation of our space/time continuum. We are temporal beings, we exist in time and time exists in God. And when we die, we step out of time into eternity.

Now if you can digest all of that, then you will have little trouble with this next part. "God created man and in the image of God created he him". So what if we only mostly exist in time? What if we have componants of our being that exist outside of space/time? What if our memories are links that reach out of the moment in which we live through the moment that is not to the moments that we have lived?

Then perhaps when we die we shed this part of us like old cloths and are completely there. But while we are here we can only see here or cannot but vaguly access there. but perhaps when we are having a near death experience and we see our whole life flash before our eyes, we are actually seeing outside of time. But near death is not always death but a near miss and we report a strange experience of memory. So we think.

And what if like quantum tunneling some of us have expanded links outside of time, as ina better more photographic memory or rarer still an expanded view?

What if "the outer darkness" is between here (where we are) and there (where God is)? So that the distance between is as vast as space/time and yet he is closer than our next heart beat or the wink of an eye.

 Anomalism 01-10-10 Another year    2010-01-10 05:27:08 ET
I had to think for a minute, 17,896.76 days, I am 49 now. I must update my biography.

 Anomalism 5-25.09 Memorial day    2009-05-25 07:24:38 ET
Why is it that the dirtiest part of all the floors in the house is always the steps? If cat hair tumbleweeds were currency, I would be quite wealthy.
I spent the afternoon yesterday loading some bullets for this thing in anticipation of some friends comming over today for a visit. We do this several times a year, they bring thier guns and we make a lot of noise and try not to get the cops called on us (again). It has become uncertain if this will happen today because my wife's best friend has grounded her husband for being a snark. ( A curious concept to my thinking) And thus she may be comming over by her self, or not at all. I guess if they don't I'll get the tile cutter out and work on the backsplash for the remodeled bathroom down stairs, or clean the gutters. Needless to say I'm hoping for the bullistic goodness and fellowship thing.

 Anomalism 4-28.09 secund week back to work    2009-04-28 16:47:36 ET
Oft have I said that the least comfortable time to be working out side is in the early Spring in the rain. Of such was today made.

 Anomalism 03-3-09.2 ISA certified am I    2009-03-03 11:34:31 ET
I just finnished a week ago a 4 week course with Davey called DITS (Davey Institute of Tree Science) with 46 other select individuals from all over the company including 9 from Canadian operations. It was a very intense 4 weeks with a huge amount of stuff to learn in not very much time. Lots of study and exams and the like. All of wich leads up to (apart from graduating the course) taking the ISA (International Society of Arborculture) test to become a "Certified Arborist". They said when we took the test that it would take 4-6 weeks to find out if we passed. I got a package on friday last,(just a week later) with my scores and I am proud to say that I am now an ISA Certified Arborist. Hopfully this will get me a raise and creat some new opportunities within the company, and if not the certification goes with me where ever so its a win win, and it was fun to do.

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