Anomalism 03-26-11 As I get older    2011-03-26 04:39:17 ET
As I get older I realize that fewer and fewer things actualy result in the end of the world.

 Anomalism 03-19-11    2011-03-19 02:52:46 ET
My confidence in the one star rating of this film is high.

 Anomalism 01-10-11 Another caliber    2011-01-10 13:58:26 ET
The number of my age has just reached that of another of my favorite handgun calibers. I am now no longer an uber unrtustable but have joined Dr Skymosh in that elder relm that I can't remember if we came to a name for.

 Anomalism 04-02-10 Ultraman!!!!    2010-04-02 06:35:44 ET
The day before yesterday a package arrived with some of my most favorite Japanese films including my alltime fav series from when I was a kid. "Ultraman!" All 39 episodes in Japanese w subtitles, plus "H-Man"," Battle In Outer Space" and "Mothra" all in Japanese. I am sooo going to o d on Japanese scifi, though I still have to get "Dogora", "Gazora" and "Godzilla" in Japanese. I don't speak Japanese, I just prefere all my foreign films in their origonal language.

 Anomalism 02-25-10 Tails of a dead deer    2010-02-25 18:33:29 ET
About a month ago during one of the many snow storms we've had this winter, a deer was struck by a vehicle during the night in front of the property. I was about 80' N. of the drive way for a few days till a snow plow knocked or dragged it 50' south toward the drive. Then another plow knocked it up into the yard where it has become the most active dead deer I have ever observed. It has emerged from the snow and moved about the yard half a dozen times. Always at night and often surrounded by canine footprints. The prints seem too large to be coyote, one morning about 3 weeks ago they were deer prints. The past two or three days it has recieved much attention from a pair of large Red Shouldered hawks. It seems quite popular with the local scavenger set.

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