Anomalism 01-12-13 Yet another cycle around the local star.    2013-01-12 14:19:10 ET
On the 10th I passed 18992.48 rotations of this planet.

 Anomalism05-20.12 Glowing rotors and baby turkies    2012-05-20 09:29:17 ET
Earlier in the week I was making the 40 mile trip home from work when I noticed the acrid smell of brake pad, and of course it was mine. One of the calipers was dragging severely and was cooking the pads and of course the rotor. No choice but to get it home before it catches fire or falls off. Well by the time I got into the drive it was dusk and my quick inspection revealed the the normally shiny metal disc was glowing red hot. Not figuratively but actually glowing red. So the rotor is toast, the pads are burnt, the seals are cooked out of the caliper and the grease is mostly cooked out of the bearings. Yesterday- Saturday I spent a good chunk of the day taking it apart and found that the right motor mount is broken also. This project just keeps getting bigger and after a day of taking things apart that have not been taken apart often enough and having to cut the heads off a few hub bolts I'm heading into the house for dinner when one of my cats Miss Mouse Mouserton comes trotting around the corner and into the garage with a bird in her mouth , her latest prize. Two days ago there was a chipmunk in the garage and there have been many frogs as well. Miss Mouse has only 3 fangs since she some how broke one off and maybe that saved the little creature this day. She ran over to the freezer and dropped the bird which immediately got up and started peeping and running which was odd because it was about the size of a robin. So I grabbed the spitty little thing and looked it over. Other than the wetness it seemed ok, it had the build of a baby chick but was at least three times the size and has a brown and black marbled pattern. Mrs Anomalous looked it up and found that it is a turkey poult,(baby). Now we have the dilemma of what to do with it, my wife does not want to try to raise it because if it dies she will feel terrible . at the same time we don't know if it is old enough to be on it's own. Well according the the web page we looked at if they are up and running around then they can likely survive as long as another predator does not find it. So i ended up taking it up above the cliff where my cats don't go and hopefully no foxes or coyotes are waiting for it and it will make it.

 Anomalism 02-14-12 about time I got around to this    2012-02-14 11:47:59 ET
I did on 01-10 surpass 18627.24 rotations and am pleased to have done so.

 Anomalism 07-05.11    2011-07-05 17:37:13 ET
That was disquieting!

 Anomalism 4-21.11 were you aware of this?    2011-04-21 14:43:58 ET
A bunch of your car is missing ma'am, were you aware of this?

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