2005-09-05 09:45:59 ET
so, i'll be leaving soon to go to fort rucker in alabama. feel free to visit all. I will be offline for probably a couple of weeks until i get internet in my new place.

     2005-08-18 13:50:39 ET
hells yes! i just got Chicago and Earth Wind and Fire tickets for tomorrow!!!

     2005-08-10 17:12:02 ET
medicine didn't work to well today...
i guess it'll take some time to get into my system again.
not a miracle pill, right?

     2005-08-09 17:36:57 ET
my cell phone died. damnit. i lost all my numbers!!! ack!!! and of course my dumb ass didn't write them down. if i had your number please call me!!! PLEASE

     2005-08-08 17:17:47 ET
damn! i need tha ass for real!

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