2005-09-05 09:45:59 ET

so, i'll be leaving soon to go to fort rucker in alabama. feel free to visit all. I will be offline for probably a couple of weeks until i get internet in my new place.

2005-09-05 10:24:35 ET

safe travels!

2005-09-05 10:30:48 ET

You better call me heffer!

2005-09-05 13:42:07 ET

We on the internet will be waiting for your reappearance.

2005-09-05 14:01:05 ET

napalm, napalm sticks like glue
Sticks to mommas and babies too

Have fun!

2005-09-05 19:42:00 ET

Good luck!

I would come visit, but it's kind of far...

2005-09-06 08:06:37 ET

lol well, thats why you take a mac flight from an Army airfield

2005-09-06 17:46:04 ET

Good Luck!

2005-09-08 04:07:46 ET

Good Luck!

2005-09-08 12:51:10 ET

thanks all!

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