2005-06-26 17:58:30 ET
so i'm drunk again
it seems my stupid goddamn friends have a problem with it
the only time they give a shit stupid fucks
i'm having a good time

fuck em

if you don't look out for you, noone else will

     2005-06-25 11:45:45 ET
spent all last night taking care of lindsay. she got rediculously drunk. yay. then she left this morning without saying bye. ha shock

i want to got to elysium tonight and get fucked up, but noone to go with
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     2005-06-24 18:55:42 ET
so Teh Tina played Raw by mahavatar on her radio show tonight. YES....DAMN YES!
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     2005-06-23 18:13:56 ET
goddamn. does noone read my shit or what?

     2005-06-23 14:42:41 ET
damnit. all i want is to listen to raw by mahavatar. its nowhere online. i am buying the album but that helps me little with listening to raw RIGHT NOW. ah! :(
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