2009-06-02 01:17:46 ET

Ich weisst nicht!

Been a while since I updated. Don't know if anyone will even read this but hi anyways :)

Finally decided on another major for my next college degree: Deutsch. Ich leibe deutsch. was ein wunderbar language.

Anyways. It's 6am and I don't know why I'm posting this.

If anyone reads this, check out OOMPH! if you like good sounding rock music. Go go german music.

2008-07-05 08:49:29 ET

Let's get drunk and blow shit up. It's the fourth of july. I know I haven't posted in a decade.

I remember talking to a mexican who owns a bar about cocaine for half an hour in my stumbly and failing espanol. Ridiculous. Past that I don't remember anything. I gave a call to the fiancee this morning and she said a lot more happened. Apparently we went to one of our favorite restaurants and she got someone kicked out. Who knows. I spent something like 90 bucks at the bar last night, not including her drinks. Craziness.

Have a nice day.
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The Decemberists
2006-10-29 19:29:22 ET

So this weekend I took a little travel up to Atlanta with a good friend of mine for a Decemberists concert. Most amazing thing ever. It was such a blast. Too bad now it's time to focus on real life again. grr. If you haven't heard of the Decemberists, you must look em up! greatest band ever.

Coolest movie ever.
2006-08-24 19:37:47 ET

I just watched a movie with a scene where there was an undead pirate in a strip club. He ripped the bouncer's arm off, and beat him to death with it. I am orgasming.

2006-08-20 09:41:44 ET

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