late registration sucks.
2006-01-08 05:52:58 ET

So I finally registered for classes at the University yesterday, and blahhhh. Class starts tomorrow and I have only a few of the things I wanted to take. I can't even add anything else because of schedule conflicts or other class requirements. This sucks. Stuck with just 13 hours.
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The greatest dream.
2006-01-06 03:53:00 ET

I usually don't remember most of my dreams, but last night... I dreamt of ZOMBIES! Yes our flesh eating friends made an appearance within my dreams! How cool is that? I remember a friend hitting some zombie kid in the head with a giant hammer. Mmm.

I also remember running around the woods with a few people trying to get away from the zombies, and some old people's home and they wouldn't let us in. Fuckers.

ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone!
2006-01-04 15:18:38 ET

Anyone heard this song or seen the video clip? It's amazing. And that song is one of my all time favorites.

Guild wars!
2005-12-29 13:06:33 ET

Anyone around here play guild wars? I just really started yesterday and now I'm hooked. So if anyone wants to mess around, lemme know :D
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happy... ahh screw it!
2005-12-23 13:38:02 ET

This whole "happy holidays" argument is dumb. People need to relax and quit bitching about the little stuff. Crying about Merry Christmas and happy holidays is retarded and a waste of time.

Stop doing it you fucking -morons-
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