2009-08-20 21:10:15 ET

hurray for being an IT major.

Just finished my free and -----legal----- installation of windows 7. Looks pretty nice, and only idles at about 200 megs more ram than XP did.

So far so good. Soon I'll have info on dx 11 in gaming ^^

2009-08-04 01:37:19 ET

The entire incident with the harvard professor is nothing short of ridiculous.

Neither party is credible at this point due to their blatant racist comments. Of course the black Harvard professor has to claim it's a black/white problem, and the police officer just has to send the racist email to everyone. Both have been pretty discredited, thus we should continue about our lives the cop should be reinstated, and everyone should pretend like nothing happened.

2009-07-18 22:04:13 ET

Super cool. DOS emulator. Now I can load up old school games that don't run on XP.

Blood, duke nukem 3d, shadow warrior. Cheers.

NIfty movie.
2009-06-28 10:51:59 ET

Just watched slumdog millionaire. That was a pretty good movie actually. I didn't realize until the very end that Danny Boyle directed it. Mr. 28 days later. Sweet. Happy sunday!

2009-06-15 09:56:25 ET

what're you doing today? I'm bored. Have to go back to work. Cheers.

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