Me,myself, and I
Name is Callum. Some of you may know me as 'soldier of misfortune' from the forums.

I like blowing things up with out any regard for personal saftey, public, or private property, preferiably while enebriated becuase its manly.

I like the outdoors, paintball, video games, and various other adventure and outdoor type things.



 Days to go    2010-03-06 10:27:56 ET
So A lot has happened since I least posted.

Still haven't started smoking again.

On new years the girl i'd had a crush on for ever and i finally hooked up and are going pretty steady, absolutely adore this girl. She was the only one who even sent me letters and e-mailed me while I was away for 2 months in California training.

Which brings me to Fort Irwin. This place sucked. First week we got there, 20 degrees celcius, which was AMAZING considering it was -20 back home with 3 feet of snow. Then it hailed, and rained, and for 5 days straight roads washed out and it went from training for Afghanistan to training for af-swamp-aland. After that the weather and typical army BS never let up.

None the less the training was super realistic and I do thank the US army for letting us train there, its hard to replicate the dessert in 3 feet of snow.

We had 1 day off in vegas, holy crap I don't know how no one got arrested but there are stories, :P.

Due to me being able to draw I got out of a lot of extra duties to draw map models for briefings which was awesome considering i'm just a dismounted infantry soldier who randomly gets to draw the AO for 2 hours and gets the rest of the day off. Ended up designing 6 guys tattoos in my platoon. Considering getting into it when i'm done all this, its an option.

Normally Battle groups got 5 weeks off before they deploy but they want us there early... 4 weeks early. So as we boarded planes they told us to expect to be in theater in 6 weeks. Most of this time is taken up with courses and ranges, leaving us week ends, march break and 7 days prior to deployment off. Absolutely depressing.

The biggest piss off is when a gazillion people, some i haven't talked to in a long time all of a sudden want to hang out with me before I leave, and trying to fit them in but i'm cutting them off this week end. Its hard trying to make time for my girl friend and family in between all my friends. I'll miss them but they're not whats important nor who is going to be greatly effected by this. It sounds like a dick move but when I come home, hopefully in 1 piece, I'd rather patch up my friendships than my closest relationship and family.

We also got a brief of the AO. Since we're the best company they've seen in 24 rotations, we're getting the hot bed of panjwai. Fuck yeah. The troop surge has limited a lot of our former AO's which is wicked cause we needed the help, but we still get to keep our main focus which means a lot to us.

Theres a lot of Canadian blood in those grape fields and wadis, we're not ready to give it up.

 Its been a while...    2009-12-14 12:42:20 ET
When I last left off I was gearing up for training.

Well now about to enter the last phase of it after x mas. I have to work new years day, thats gonna be interesting... Would love to get a new guitar even though i'll get 5 days to play it then i won't see it for close to a year.

On top of that found out I'm one of the lucky few who doesn't get to spend his 3 weeks before deployment at home with his family and friends but gets to catch up on training missed due to the flaws in our training system.

Absolutely insanely in love with some girl who doesn't know I exist, quit smoking cold turkey, drink shit tons, finally got my firearms licences so that lee infield my dad bought me is mine, can't get my drivers licence still because the fuckers are on strike for 5 months now, and that is about the end of my comma tastic rant.

Too boot though I get to spend the Canadian winter, training in Californian sun. Sweet.

oh, and happy x mas!

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